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  • Tiny Houses. Self-built, off-the-grid

    To build a house or a place to retreat to on weekends, by one’s own means, in a remote place such as the wilderness, using recycled materials and, above all, completely off-the-grid, is perhaps one of the last dreams in today’s contemporary society; but is it still possible? English edition.

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  • Architectures of Peace

    Peace is not compared to its opposite, nor is it about considering philosophical or religious meaning, or authoritarianism and its modes of expression, nor to outline possibilities in the future. It is about favouring a reading that allows the importance of the concreteness of work to emerge, of solidarity and tolerance, as well as of doubt and of...

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  • Tiny Architectures on the Move

    Living on the move implies a redefinition of the meaning of home, and of the architecture of the space we live in. Nomadism becomes a condition of life, a state where the boundaries are fluid, trans-nationalism and free movement a necessity. English edition.

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  • reBuilding the Future: Education

    This volume explores the architecture of places of education, with particular attention to the most disadvantaged areas and communities.  Education is, par excellence, the instrument that promotes collective social progress, makes individuals and communities stronger, provides an ability to overcome disasters by responding positively, avoiding the easy...

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  • reBuilding the Future: Healthcare

    This volume explores architecture and work dedicated to improving the health and living conditions of disadvantaged populations and groups affected by disaster or war. The health crises that we witness on the horizon today cannot be tackled successfully unless we first solve the political problems that are the cause behind so much inequalities.

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  • A Focus on Humanitarian Architecture

    In 2014, for the first time since the end of World War II, the number of refugees exceeds fifty million people in total. In such challenging conditions, in which the needs exceed the capacity of NGO and international organizations to provide help and support, what can architecture do? Maybe a lot, it depends on your vision of what architecture as a...

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  • Compact Living

    Reducing the scale of our needs, going back to smaller scale living, can have many advantages, including the recovery of one of the last horizons of luxury in our contemporary lives: time.Smaller scale designs may not be the solution, but may be a road that could be pursued in a bid to find the right balance between enjoying one’s life with what is truly...

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  • Architectures for Emergencies II

    To face an emergency means to deal with problems of a different nature, some requiring immediateness, whilst others needing longer subsidence times. Sometimes it is a matter of providing housing to those who have lost theirs, other times it is a matter of safeguarding human dignity, without forgetting the importance of the memory of places». English edition.

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  • Architecture and Recycling

    The topic of recycling, presented in this issue, is the “re-use” of materials, objects and structures, for different purposes, and in different ways from their original uses, in order to build or re-build, to provide possible solutions to problems related to the environment, and to manage waste more intelligently. English edition.

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  • Free Architecture

    Free Architecture is focused on open-source architectures, it's about the free circulation of ideas, it's about cooperation projects available over the internet under Creative Commons licenses.Open-source architecture undermines the current political and economic model, becoming a “freedom struggle” against copyrights. English edition.

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  • Container Architectures

    «I think that one of the most interesting aspects of the reuse of containers in architecture is precisely the freedom of approach with which each deals with the design. Nothing is codified, everything has to be rewritten from scratch every time, inventing new ways of interpreting the space». English edition.

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  • Do-It-Yourself Architecture

    What is do-it-yourself architecture? Self-building is a challenge not only in terms of material, economic, regulatory and bureaucratic difficulties, it is a challenge to oneself. It requires the desire and the ability to recognize one's own limits, to overcome one's own prejudices, to put aside one's own ego in favour of the ability to listen to the needs...

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  • Architecture and Utopia

    In this new era of disorientation and social hardship it isn’t pure formalism to rethink utopia as a type of search, anticipation and projection into the realm of future possibilities. In Boundaries Utopia promotes divergent thinking. It stimulates forward momentum, not to just a future, but to all possible futures. English edition.

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  • Tiny Architectures Box
    tiny box, great works!

    All the three issues focused on tiny architectures! What's in? . Compact Living. Tiny Houses. Self-built, Off-the-grid. Tiny Architectures on the Move English edition.

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  • Boundaries Box
    6 of them !

    Boundaries Box ! Six issues of Boundaries What's in? From Container Architectures to A Focus on Humanitarian Architecture. Free Shipping. Limited availability. English edition.

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  • Humanitarian Architecture Box
    eigth issues in a box

    A selection focused on humanitarian and sustainable architecture, with no advertising What's in? . Architectures of Peace. Architecture and Utopia. Do-it-yourself Architecture. Architectures for Emergencies II. A Focus on Humanitarian Architecture. reBuilding the Future: Education. reBuilding the Future: Healthcare. reBuilding the Future: Culture Free...

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  • Read Them All !
    All in One

    17 issues of Boundaries in a box Special offer: all back issues + the latest release! It includes «reBuilding the Future: Culture» No subscription. Free shipping, worldwide. Don't miss the opportunity to have the full Boundaries' collection.Limited availability. English edition.

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